Ajit Samachar
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About Ajit Samachar

Elect Ajit Samachar to fulfil your advertising dreams in Punjab

Be it a large or a small scale company, advertising has proved to be beneficial for both, if done effectively. To increase the sales of a company, advertising it through the accurate media is of primary importance. Thus for any company who wants to advertise in Punjab and its target audience comprises of the Hindi speaking community, then Ajit Samachar is the one stop destination for such advertisers.

Why Ajit Samachar?

Ajit Samacharis the popular newspaper of Punjab published in Hindi Language. It is one of the prominent newspapers of Punjab having a wide readership among the Hindi speaking people residing in the state. Not only it is popular among the readers for its content and authenticity of news, but Ajit Samachar is appealing to the advertisers also.


The sole selling point of Ajit Samachar newspaper is that it exhaustively covers the daily events taking place all over the country. For daily news updates Ajit Samachar is one such newspaper which can be trusted blindly. Such an amazing triumph through decades of authentic journalism, adds to its credibility. The feasible cost for the publication of the advertisement, the newspaper has attracted many small scale companies.

Extensive Reach:

Ajit Samacharhas a circulation of almost 2 lakhs. The newspaper has gained an impetus as far as the readership and circulation is concerned which has in a way has attracted certain advertisers to publish their ads.


The newspaper does not have any specific supplements, but it surely has space for display ads in the main pages which can include Appointment, Business, Public Notices, Tenders and even Obituary display adverts in the Front/Back/third/any page as per the preference of the advertiser.


Jagbani, Punjabi Tribune and The Tribune are the largest-selling Punjabi and English newspapers respectively who give a tough competition to Ajit Samachar.